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It’s the waiting anticipating when it’s the end… You see we can all relate even though we hate not being able to see a mate or two, man look what we’re going through. 

I’m telling you …Missing family we just can’t see in the flesh only digitally we can’t mesh our minds properly to remember each other’s individualities the essence of our personalities.

Still, this is the time to seek and find rewind time to refresh our minds, be alone stay at home. We moan but at least we’ve got phones. Think back to a day without such a luxury even a third world country not having these things would make it harder so what would you rather.

Be grateful for what you have there are always others that wish they had what another has then realised it isn’t that bad after all. Rise up don’t fall this is a test to show your very best side, don’t hide open your eyes see the beauty of life and ease your strife by being grateful.
Forgive me for sounding distasteful but I can’t stand it too much of this social media and a lack of communication it’s an encyclopedia of information. About people’s likes and dislikes and selfies yeah right! Showing how wealthy you are. How far do you think that will take you in the realm of the end? You can’t bend the rules we mustn’t be fools. So let’s take this opportunity to show we can come together in unity whatever the weather… Explore our creativity instead of harbouring negativity.

– Gracie Roots

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