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Somebody tell me how am I meant to take it? The week before my whole body as well as a beignet dough under the heat bloated much of a muchness. The two following weeks, the follicular phase they called it, just an unneeded long word to describe intense mood swings.

At work, have you ever quietly cry movie tears in the toilet due to vagina cramps and then pretend a stuck particle in your eyes back on shift? The pain hits different when you are diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, fibroids and/ or endometriosis. It’s not easy for us to openly cry about it – the others are allowed – and it’s slightly more delicate as it doesn’t match the depicted character trait “strong” labelled on us. ⠀
I dare you to sneeze on the second day! Bursting out laughing is out of the loop too boo, unless you can squeeze in…On time. ⠀
Yes, you did the maths correctly, in a month I have an average of one week to be “me”. Never mind, I am not the first and won’t be the last so I am meant to stay quiet about it. Despite this, why are you not sharing your experience with me?

FYI: I am looking to refund my vagina every month for 7-10 days only

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