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Indeed, we listen to our parents we validate that GCSE, A-Level,

Bachelor and so on yet, so many remain career-less. 

Adulthood had us bouncing from dilemmas to dilemmas.

Shall I pick the experience in a huge company offering the tiny wage and/or food vouchers? Shall I drop school for entrepreneurship and risk covering my family with the shame from our community? Maybe I should have listened the day my bestie said: “Come on, I swear if you sell 2 years from now on you would be able to buy your momma a house paid in full.”

So many of us remain career-less.

Time has passed, a doorman I have become an opening those particular doors is my pride. I still can’t get a mortgage, yet my belly is full, my home is cosy and makes me feel safe and most importantly,

I care less. ⠀

– A high school Guidance Counsellor 


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