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I would never think. I would never think this fairy tale could end this way. I have found my princess and I was finally a prince with constant butterflies everywhere within as soon as she laid her eyes on me. 

The seeds we planted both in the soil produced 9 months later beautiful souls. Identical and unique in the meantime, our twins brighten our love-dom. I would never think this fairy tale could end this way.

While protecting it at all cost we forgot ourselves,

4G brought us all over the world and our reality became driven by Comparison who stole our joy.

A father in Distress

Princess used to be my broadband band even miles away; woke up one day next to her with one bar of Wi-Fi in my heart.

We are now leaving miles apart; I am not allowed to spend time with the souls we gave birth too. 4G doesn’t have answers for me, feeling powerless – I refuse to let this fairy tale end this way.
Caterpillars fill up my body when she lays her eyes on me. We better turn them into chrysalises by any means necessary just so our twins could one day turn into healthy butterflies.

– A Co-Parent

Credit image: Oladimeg

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