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On that day, this is what my intuition yelled at me: “Manifestation, build a cosy home for your dreams.” In the meantime, my bank account balance made it look like the scariest and craziest thing ever.

Well, I’m a believer. After years of grieving, depression, debts couldn’t change that. The following day, I went to withdraw every single cent the cash machine would allow me to.

Bills, debts? They will not be a priority this time.

My life, my well-being, my soul’s calling will.

Out of the store, hands full of painting buckets in my hands, I felt petrified. Remember when you had a bad grade and you had to get your parents signature? Yeah, I was hitting that walk. Surprisingly, a sudden sense of relief occurred in my body. In my head the sound of dozens of warm hands clapping:  “Yass girl, we’re proud of you!!!” That day, I got my home to execute the plan. I had chosen colours to match the vibrations of my heart’s deepest needs: pink, green, blue, yellow.

Respectively – based on any institutional source – love, peace, serenity and creativity.

During several days, I filled every room with bright colours, attention, and gratitude for this brand new energy entering my living space.
Because healing can happen in so many ways.

Mediation is so much more than a position, a mantra and/or your ability to put your feet behind your neck. It is about you, your willingness to receive and listen to your soul’s whisper. I was definitely ready, to hear mine.

Just sat in front of an empty canvas, I started painting portraits, curves, eyes, hair of women, muses, goddesses… I talked to them, I embraced them and proudly exposed them. From that day on, they taught me myriads of lessons to live by. They taught me that, just like others before me, I too, could “let my colors paint the sky “

– @la_fee_bantu

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